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Ocean Marine Aquatics is a partnership at the forefront of Marine Fish and Invertebrates.

It was 10 years ago in the Maldives that the owners of Ocean Marine Aquatics first fell in love with Marine fish and their environment. This began their journey of owning their very first tank that they slowly filled with Gem Tangs and Black Tangs. Outgrowing the tank became an annual event as their passion for keeping fish increased.

10 years later, through a frustration of being disappointed with the service and product available online, Ocean Marine Aquatics was born, pledging to provide healthy fish and corals to your door in a competitively priced but ethical solution so that customers can purchase with confidence.

With over 40 Marine tanks, we pride ourselves with weekly deliveries, fish are fully quarantined and healthy, free of parasites or acclimatisation related effects.

With our excellent relationships with our suppliers we can offer a comprehensive range of Marine fish and corals. Should there be anything that is not available or visible within our store, please do get in touch and we will work with you to source this directly.

Our company is based in the North London area. We have become very accustomed to hand delivering your fish & coral when we can, so if you order within a local proximity to our premises we would be happy to take the pleasure to get it to you personally.

Happy shopping!
Jay (founder)